UK Experience
Stuart has sat on the council of the FRA (FARMA) since 1995 and was chairman from 2009 to 2011. He has been attending all the major UK industry conferences for the last 20 years and regards many at the top of their game in farm retail and attractions as close friends. Stuart sits on the board of the Maize Maze Association and is a director in the new Halloween & Scare Attractions show.

International Experience
Since 1998 Stuart has regularly travelled to the US to network with some of the best farm tourism operators, and he has attended the NAFDMA Conference most years. He sat on the NAFDMA board from 2004 to 2006. He is in the privileged position of being connected with some of the world’s most inventive and creative farm tourism operators, and the learning and insight he has gained has helped the growth of the maize maze park, given him confidence and the skills to develop a cutting edge Halloween business, and has created new opportunities he could only have dreamed about.

Speaker Experience
Stuart has spoken at all of the main UK industry events, including the FARM & MORE Conference, Farm Attractions Network (NFAN), VISION XS Attractions Conference, Maize Maze Conference and Leisure Industry Week. Internationally, he has regularly presented sessions in the US and Canada. He is a very open and honest presenter, giving great insights into his Agri-Tourism experience, from business owner, visitor and operational perspectives.